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Patrick Wolf - Oblivion

Father, where’s my gun?
Now that the war has begun
Oh, let me go it alone
I need no one
I said I need no one

But oh, god, now here it comes
And it’s too dark to aim this gun
And now faster, faster, faster
Once again I’m on the run

And I hear you say “O’ my stubborn son
I know that you said
You need no one
But don’t you see
Danger, danger, danger
Headed to oblivion…”


Afternoon tea on the balcony at Rue du Général Foy, Paris, 1977

an outtake from my shoot with Rachel


and now everything goes my way


A staff member on the stairs at the Paris headquarters, rue Saint-Maur


A Real Hero by College feat. Electric Youth

In the motion picture soundtrack for Drive.


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